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Achieve the Look of Real Wood with Veneer Boards

At Cut and Edge, we provide a cost-effective way to achieve the natural beauty of wood with our veneered boards. These premium boards comprise high-quality natural wood veneers bonded to premium boards. Our veneered products come in various stunning natural wood finishes, perfect for interior decorative applications.

Veneered boards come in different types, such as MDF, particleboard, and Cut-to-size Plywood, each offering unique features and benefits suitable for different applications. For example, senoplast MDF veneered boards are ideal for intricate designs. In contrast, plywood veneered boards are better suited for furniture-making and other structural uses.

Enhance Your Space with Veneered Board Finishes

Veneered boards, available in MDF, particleboard, and plywood, offer unique features and benefits suitable for various applications. MDF veneered boards are ideal for intricate designs, while plywood veneered boards are better for furniture-making and structural uses. More stable than solid wood, they provide affordability and a natural wood finish, making them a cost-effective option for creating high-end furniture and enhancing interior spaces.

MDF Veneered Boards: MDF Veneered Boards are a cost-effective option for intricate designs. Its flexibility allows easy manipulation of curves and intricate details. As a result, MDF is a perfect choice for projects where the budget is a concern without compromising the quality of the finished product.

Particleboard Veneered Boards: Particleboard, also known as chipboard, is the most commonly used material for veneered boards due to its affordability and versatility. It is made by bonding wood particles with resin; its smooth surface makes it suitable for painting or laminating. As a result, it’s a reliable choice for furniture making or interior wall panelling.

Plywood Veneered Boards: Plywood veneer boards offer exceptional durability and sturdiness, making them a superior choice for furniture and construction. They are created by bonding several layers of wood veneers, resulting in a more reliable option than solid wood. Plywood’s high quality makes it perfect for creating high-end furniture and cabinetry.

Why are Veneered Boards the Superior Choice for Your Design Needs?
  • Cost-effective alternative to solid wood boards
  • Natural and authentic real wood finish
  • They are more stable than solid Wood Boards, making them ideal for high-end furniture and cabinetry
  • Boards are easy to work with and can be cut, shaped, and finished to suit various applications
  • Eco-friendly options as they use less wood than solid wood boards, making them a sustainable choice
  • Veneered boards are versatile and appropriate for a wide range of applications
Applications of Veneered boards in various domains
  • Furniture-making
  • Interior design
  • Shop-fitting
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Doors
  • Wall panels
  • Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Boat-building
  • Musical instruments

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